Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP) a huge package full of benefits for Scotland

October 2017
  • Faster, longer, more reliable and more energy efficient trains with an increase in passenger capacity of 30% are coming to Scotland’s railway.
  • A more sustainable, cleaner, quieter and more energy efficient Scottish railway.
  • Towns and cities connected with faster and more frequent services.

A Scottish Government priority, the EGIP is being delivered by Network Rail to improve the Scottish Railway with modernisation and upgrades to key junctions and infrastructure as well as widespread electrification of the Scottish rail network, including the main line between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The extensive plans will achieve a better service for passengers, a more modern and sustainable railway and help boost the Scotland economy.

Better for passengers

The plan will produce faster, longer and more reliable trains providing a railway capable of meeting passenger needs now and in the future, investing to deliver:

  • 30% increase in capacity by 2019
  • Three completely redeveloped stations, Cumbernauld, Haymarket and Queen Street
  • A new train‐tram interchange station, Edinburgh Gateway, in the west of the capital
  • Platform extensions at five stations, Linlithgow, Polmont, Falkirk High, Croy and Queen Street
  • 42 minute fastest journey time on the main Edinburgh Glasgow line

Better for the environment

The upgrade programme will make the Scottish railway more sustainable, cleaner, quieter and more energy efficient. This investment will contribute to a better environment with:

  • 150 km single track of new electrified railway
  • One new electric depot at Millerhill in Edinburgh
  • Improved rail services allowing more people to opt for Rail, the lowest carbon mode of mass transport

Boosting Scotland’s economy

This huge project will not only create jobs across the network but will also stimulate growth in the local areas and unlock investment opportunities benefiting the communities the route serves.

With faster and more frequent rail links between Scotland’s towns and cities people will be able to move with ease, creating more job opportunities, making more potential staff available and connecting businesses across the country.

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