In Partnership for Britain’s Prosperity: A plan to change, invest and secure prosperity for Britain

Rail is fundamental to the country’s prosperity. After enormous growth, Britain’s railway is increasingly important in connecting workers to jobs, businesses to markets, and people to their families and friends.

The combination of public and private investment going into the railway is set to boost the UK’s economy by almost £85bn, benefiting every region of Britain. 

‘In Partnership for Britain’s Prosperity’ is our single, long-term plan to secure a stronger economy, better customer journeys and more rewarding jobs on the railway.

Our commitments will set Britain’s railway on a course to deliver more for customers, communities, the economy and our people.



Our four commitments to Britain

Commitment One: Strengthen the railway’s contribution to the economy, keeping running costs in the black, freeing up taxpayers’ money
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What this means:

  • Securing almost £85bn of extra economic benefits across the country and enabling further investment
  • Maintaining private sector investment to bolster government funding
  • A bigger and better railway for the country
  • £50bn + more investment into the next decade
  • Increased competition for franchises and freight business
Commitment Two: Increase customer satisfaction by improving the railway to remain the top-rated major railway in Europe
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What this means:

  • Simpler ticketing, more services, quicker journeys and better value-for-money
  • 7,000 new carriages by 2021
  • Customers can use mobile phones as tickets on seven out of 10 journeys by the end of 2018
  • Publication of to-the-minute rail performance figures every month
  • Network Rail and train companies working together locally as one railway, with shared goals for customers
  • Independent ombudsman fully operational by summer 2018, to rule compliants
Commitment Three: Boost local communities through localised decision-making and investment
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What this means:

  • Local supervisory boards across all routes in England and Wales by spring 2018, giving customers and communities a stronger voice
  • Creating vibrant, attractive railway stations that are community hubs
  • Public and private infrastructure projects across the country
  • Investing £54m to enhance almost 180 stations during the next two years
  • Building on the millions of railcard discounts for the over 60s, students, and people with disabilities
Commitment Four: Create more jobs, increase diversity and provide our employees with rewarding careers
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What this means:

  • Securing 100,000 job opportunities across the country by 2027
  • Creating 20,000 new apprenticeships by 2020
  • Investing more than £250m per year in our workforce training
  • Changing the industry to better reflect the diverse customers we serve
  • Growing the next generation of drivers – led by the new National Train Driver Academy and wider training partners


And this is just the start. ‘In Partnership for Britain’s Prosperity’ will drive lasting change across the industry, benefitting our customers, our employees and the nation, now and for the long-term.

By backing ‘In Partnership for Britain’s Prosperity’ you will help safeguard Britain’s economy and the transformation of our country for the better.


What does the plan mean for your area?

The railway is a key part of our social and economic future – local and national.

Our plan, ‘In Partnership for Britain’s Prosperity’, will help to transform communities right across the country, with billions of pounds regenerating stations and services to spearhead economic growth.

More services, more trains and new lines will have a trasfomartive impact across the country.

Click on the map to see what the plan means for your area.

We're all backing the plan